I-400 Convertible Patient Chair

PMR Brings your the best in convertible patient chairs.

The I-400 chair is a safe and comfortable device ideal for acute care settings, although it can just as easily function in a home care or nursing facility setting. It is a key element in early patient mobilization with the added benefits of caregiver safety. Its Tilt-in-Space capability is ideal for various complications, such as pressure ulcers, experienced by patients with compromised mobility.

  • Unlimited repositioning capabilities
  • Central brakes and steer locking functions
  • Ideal for acute care setting

The I-400 enables lateral transfer in a supine position safely and easily which builds confidence in both the patient and the caregiver. Its portability allows usage in multiple rooms in a department and the ability to utilize the Patient Transfer System (PTS) simplifies the transfer of patients from a bed to a chair in addition to helping protect the caregiver from injury.